Job posters printed for Radio Ramadan 2014

Job poster printed for Radio Ramadan 2014

The British Muslim Heritage Centre in Manchester are currently looking for people to work at Radio Ramadan 2014 using job posters printed by Solopress…

When they won this year’s Restricted Service Licence (RSL) for their new community radio station, the British Muslim Heritage Centre knew they would need lots of help from eager and talented volunteers to get this exciting project for Ramadan up-and-running.

Broadcasting live in the city of Manchester from 28th June to 29th July, Radio Ramadan 2014 on 87.7FM is a unique opportunity to celebrate Islam’s rich and varied heritage, and help inspire all communities to embrace diversity, during the month of Ramadan.

That’s why this registered charity decided to design and print some job posters, asking the local Muslim community in Manchester to actively get involved. Radio Ramadan 2014 are now recruiting for presenters and programme researchers, along with scripting, production, admin, sales and marketing staff.

“Would you like to be a part of a vibrant and exciting community radio station,” asks the poster’s promotional text. “Gain valuable experience you can put on your CV, be part of a great team making a change in your community and, of course, gain extra reward this Ramadan.”

The job posters, backed by a social media marketing campaign on Twitter and Facebook, are also proving to be a useful tool to find new advertisers and sponsors for this pop-up radio station.

Solopress printed these A3 Job Posters on 130gsm Gloss Art Paper for the British Muslim Heritage Centre

Job poster printed for Radio Ramadan 2014

“All was fine and printing was very good. Thanks a lot as usual your service has always been excellent.”
A spokesperson for the British Muslim Heritage Centre