Lingerie Swing Tags Printed For Soul Candy Intimates

Lingerie swing tags printed for Soul Candy Intimates

Lingerie swing tags printed by Solopress for Soul Candy Intimates help launch their new fashion business…

Soul Candy Intimates are a new handmade lingerie and hosiery business launched by Alex Carter, a graduate who recently completed her fashion enterprise Bachelor’s degree at the Cleveland College of Art & Design in Middlesbrough. Of course, attention to detail is a key element for fashion and design. That’s why Soul Candy Intimates decided to print their swing tags, that’s the industry term for clothing labels, at Solopress.

“Geeking out over swing tags? You bet your ass I am,” proudly states Alex Carter, the founder of Soul Candy Intimates, on her Instagram page. “You can’t see in the pic but the logo is gloss embossed, really pleased with the quality.”

Solopress printed these bespoke, diecut lingerie swing tags for Soul Candy Intimates

Lingerie swing tags printed for Soul Candy Intimates

“The swing tags Solopress printed for me are absolutely beautiful, just what I wanted and at a price no one else could touch for the finish I wanted,” Alex adds. “Solopress are a very friendly team, will definitely be back for more!”

We can’t wait to see what’s next from Alex Carter and Soul Candy Intimates. 


  1. Really Nice! Did you guys cut them in this shape too? I had no idea you could do this, Think I need to have a proper chat with you to see what you could do for me!


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