Mancinism only roll with Solopress

Roller banner printed with Solopress for Mancinism - with QR code and fashionable, graphic background

Winston Hoyte, graphic designer and founder of Mancinism, reveals why he couldn’t resist the roller banner printing at Solopress…

Welcome to Mancinism (pronounced “man-sin-ism”), the definition of which is the state of left-handedness. Applying this to our company ethics means being different, not conforming, creatively merging articulation with visualisation, with education in mind. ManciniWear is our new ethical fashion brand offering eco-friendly clothing, accessories, merchandise and stationery with an educational twist, founded on the ethics of Equality & Diversity. Conveying positive and thought-provoking messages with the art of visual communication while investing in ethical, sustainable and fair trade materials and practises with clear transparency and corporate social responsibility.

Left-Field Design

At ManciniWear we’re “Cut From A Different Cloth” – making an educational and positive statement, being environmentally friendly, while supporting and raising awareness of Equality & Diversity. We provide a niche market for individuals, SME’s, entrepreneurs, charities, organisations and the corporate world with alternative products such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and vegan leather clothing for adults and children. We source ethical products such as clothing, accessories, recycled (pulp) printed stationery and recycled promotional products from various UK and potentially international suppliers, then apply your brand/custom design or a bespoke design supplied by us to the best value for money items you should so desire. Ironically enough, we’re using Solopress as one of our main suppliers for recycled materials. Our background includes volunteering, working with the public sector and councils, youth work and art facilitation. It’s our experiences in these, together with personal real-life hardship, that fuels our passion to become who we are today.

Rolling With It

In the run up of being officially launched, I’m always on the lookout for advertising, marketing and promotional materials that could benefit the process, especially the ability to devise a mini mobile retail store. So when I saw the half-price roller banner offer by Solopress, I couldn’t afford to miss out. It just so happened I was tied up preparing to travel to Cheltenham and had a business plan deadline for the next day, so I needed more time to design. They agreed to hold the offer for me until I was ready and even told me not to rush the design. I’m forever grateful for the offer being held.

Solopress printed this roller banner, also known as a pop up banner or display, for Mancinism

Mancinism roller banner artwork

Winston Hoyte of Mancinism photograph

“I will be using Solopress as one of my main print suppliers…” Winston Hoyte, founder of Mancinism


  1. Being a left handed person myself, I felt a sense of empathy with this post. I do like the fact its involving recycled materials; as it envokes a sense of trust for the firm if it has an ethical stance & it is willing to put its money where its mouth is (the fact it was a bargain is an added bonus!)

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