Boost your marketing plan with postcards

Postcard Design

Looking for an alternative to leaflets for marketing your business? Postcards are an effective and affordable option!

Postcards are a budget friendly and versatile way to promote what your business is doing. They have a high rate of readership and are typically held onto for longer than a flimsy leaflet. So if you’re looking for something a bit different, why not try them the next time you do a mail out to new or existing customers?

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The Versatile Choice

Think beyond just sending out postcards advertising a sale or a new product line. While these are both perfectly good reasons for a marketing campaign, postcards can also be used as loyalty cards, coupons or gift certificates. They also make great event invitations and save the date cards to remind people about an important exhibition or show. With such a wide range of possible options, you can reach out with postcards no matter what you’re promoting.

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Get Your Message Read

There are a few tactics you may want to employ in order to maximise the effectiveness of your postcards. One tried and true way is ensuring your postcards don’t look too much like adverts. Instead, consider using eye catching and slightly personal imagery and handwritten fonts that could suggest the postcard came from a friend.

You might also want to try including a testimonial message from a happy client on your postcard; prospective customers will enjoy reading what someone who already does business with you has to say. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the testimonial you select is from a client who has a profile online, as it adds an air of authenticity when others can determine that he or she really exists.

Whatever you’re promoting with your postcards, aim to entice the recipient and motivate them to discover more about what you do. Encouraging interest, in this instance, is better than a direct approach which pushes an overly sales related message that some people will ignore.

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Design With Purpose

Once you have an overall theme for your postcard, it’s time to work on the design and decide what other information you want to include. Ensure that the postcard makes best use of the space you’ve got, but isn’t too cluttered or difficult to read. While some folks get too carried away with including social media icons and QR codes, you’re better off keeping it simple. A web address, email address and phone number are sufficient to accompany your main message, as when companies visit you online they can connect with your social accounts from there.

A simple, bold design with clean lines can prove effective and get your message across. Alternatively, so can a quirky look which may possibly tie into your “postcard from a friend” campaign. You might even want to include a touch of humour, which will help potential customers feel a connection with you right away.

Whatever you choose for the front of your postcards, it’s a wise idea to use the message area on the back to make a pitch or call to action. The front will have hopefully warmed readers to your message, and they may feel encouraged to seek you out.

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Maximise The Impact

Once your design and message are perfected, these last few tips will help you achieve the greatest possible success with your postcards. First, make sure you proofread everything you’ve included. Eliminate any spelling errors, triple check your web address and contact information and read through your message. Then, have someone else do it for you, too. That fresh set of eyes can make all the difference.

You might also want to send your postcards out in small batches, using real stamps, instead of a mass mailing that can look like junk to some recipients. Finally, you’re better off to post your cards during the middle of the week, as direct mail received on Mondays or Fridays is proven to be less effective. After all the work you’ve done, don’t waste your postcards due to a silly miscalculation or oversight.

You can use postcards as a brilliant marketing tool with a little creativity and planning. Break away from your usual direct mail methods and give them a shot to promote your business today!