Natural Mamas, naturally impressed with Solopress Postcards

Natural Mamas Postcard Design

Natural Mamas is a natural parenting forum with an emphasis on babywearing. According to their website, “a Natural Mama is more likely to cosleep, breastfeed, babywear, use gentle discipline, home educate, use complementary medicine.” The Natural Mamas website is all about discussing and sharing stories, advice, and experience.

Natural Mamas was founded by work-at-home mum Anne, and is moderated and managed by a team of ladies including Catherine a Web Designer and mother of two. Check out these beautiful designs on recycled pulp postcards which capture the Natural Mama babywearing spirit perfectly.

Pulp Postcards

Natural Mamas Postcard Back Carry

“I am very happy with the customer service and the quality of the items. There were some issues with the graphics supplied on our end and it was dealt with wonderfully. The end product looks great and we will be happy to use Solopress again…”  – Anne @ Natural Mamas

Natural Mamas Postcard ringsling

Check out  the Natural Mama’s forum here. What do you think of a more natural approach to parenting, do you carry your child with you in a sling?