Retro Postcards vs. The Space Invaders

Star Wars AT-AT retro postcards

In scenes reminiscent of those quaint B-movie posters from the 1950s, Invading The Vintage is a wonderful collection of Giclee poster prints by Franco Brambilla. This Italian illustrator adds iconic and instantly recognisable sci-fi props and characters, like Darth Vader and TIE Fighters, to retro postcards…

Star Wars AT-AT retro postcards

At At Lido Cup!

How many Star Wars cameos can you spot in this illustration? Answers on a postcard to…

Beach UFO retro postcard

Austral Summer Beach Games

Looks like these aliens crashlanded in a nicer location than Roswell.

Swimming pool Yoda retro postcard

Dagobaths Au Printemps!

Yoda takes on a bit of pool cleaning to help pay the bills. “On, the hunt for dirt and debris is. Hmmmmmm.”

Canadian ED-209 retro postcard

Eddy Canada

ED-209 should have applied for a working visa during that trip to Toronto.

Jurassic Riviera retro postcard

Jurassic Riviera

Run for it, Marty!

Millennium Falcon Honeymoon retro postcard

MillenniumHoneyMoon Benevento

You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.

Darth Vader and Dalek retro postcard

No, These Are Not The Droids…

Darth Vader and a Dalek? Now there’s an evil sightseeing alliance of truly epic proportions.

Beach Darth Vader retro postcard

Odio L’Estate (I Hate Summer)


Ultra aircraft carrier in Swiss Alps retro postcard

Pride, With A Swiss Allure

There’s nothing like having a few Ultra toys to hand when it’s bathtime for baby.

Jabba the Hutt retro postcard

We Sell Used Cars And Droids…

Not sure if I’d be happy with the repayment plan on a Jabba the Hutt car loan.


  1. Great combining movie themes with landscapes in a retro fashion. Jurassic Riviera is my favourite

  2. I think these are fantastic, I was hoping to do something similar to the Dalek one with Darth Vader for invitations to my birthday party in September.

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