Share Some Colour: Our New Coloured Edge Business Cards


Your personality doesn’t have to stop at the edge with our brand new Coloured Edge Business Cards.

We’ve been busy in our research and development department thinking up ways to get your Business Cards noticed, so we’re pleased to announce our new Coloured Edge Business Cards. Yes, that’s right, we are letting you choose out of 13 distinctive colours to match or contrast with your artwork.


For The Colourful

So, what’s on offer with our Coloured Edge Business Cards? We’ve got a group of super bright fluorescents, darker shades and sophisticated metallics to express yourself in different ways.

Pretty But Tough

Our Coloured Edge Business Cards¬†aren’t just pretty, they are incredibly durable and tough. Featuring our new super thick 540gsm smooth Multi-Loft card, they are rigid and scuff resistant.


Sleek Metallics

Add even more elegance to your new Business Cards by adding our metallic gold or silver colours with more coming soon.


How Do We Do It?

Like the Colonel’s secret recipe, we are keeping this under wraps. We wouldn’t want to spoil the magic would we?

No Colour?

If Coloured Edge Business Cards aren’t your thing, good news! There is also an option for white edges, so you can enjoy all of the benefits from our super thick cards without the need for colour edges.


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