Outshine The Competition: New Metallic Business Cards


Introducing our brand new Metallic Business Cards, Pimlico Petal Pink and Damask Blue, joining our current collection.

Last year we introduced our Iridescent Gold Haze and Gold Dust Business Cards to add a little sparkle to your first impressions. Now we’re adding two more colours to our metallic business card collection, Pimlico Petal Pink and Damask Blue.

Pretty In Pink


Our new Pimlico papers feature a smooth tactile finish with a reflective sparkle in the grain, giving an extra level of depth as it changes in different lighting conditions with hints of gold and silver.

Out Of The Blue


The new metallic papers are thick and durable, weighing in at 350gsm. This means our Pimlico Business Cards are less prone to bending and tearing than thinner paper stocks.

The unique paper colours make even the simplest of designs spectacular! All black designs work the best, as they contrast wonderfully with the light blue and pink papers.


  1. I am interested in business cards, of the quality you are advertising. Can you let me know whether you can undertake a design, based on information and a logo we would supply and the cost for varying numbers from 250 to 1000. we would need cards for several different people, although the basic card design would remain the same.


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