Solopress raise £250 for Little Havens Hospice

Solopress Little Havens charity cheque

Following a charity fundraiser on Pancake Day, Solopress are very pleased to announce that our team have raised £250 for the Little Havens Hospice in Thundersley, Essex.

Solopress Little Havens charity cheque

Little Havens’ Hilary Metcalfe (centre) with Aron and Shannon from Solopress

Little Havens Hospice is there to help when a family has been told that there’s no cure for their loved one’s illness. Aron Priest and Shannon Sheppard from Solopress recently had the privilege of visiting Little Havens to see the great work they do for children and their families. Whether they care for a child for years, months, weeks or even just hours, Little Havens Hospice makes a real difference to their lives.

Solopress are now planning further fundraising activities on behalf of Havens Hospices – so watch this space for news!

“On behalf of everyone here at Little Havens Children’s Hospice, thank you for your donation to the charity of £250 which was raised from your ‘pancake bake’ at work,” says Hilary Metcalfe, Community Fundraiser at Havens Hospices. “It was lovely to meet you all and great to hear that you will be continuing to support both of our hospices.”

Little Havens Hospice – Making Every Day Count

Little Havens Hospice in Thundersley, Essex

Little Havens Hospice swings

Little Havens Hospice garden

Little Havens Hospice window

Little Havens Hospice handprints on wall

Little Havens Hospice clock

Little Havens Hospice spa pool


  1. well done on your fundraising for a lovely charity Solopress 🙂 My cousins relied on the help of a hospice like this when they were really poorly and I know how helpful any donations can be.

  2. What a wonderful cause. Good to see solopress supporting this, its difficult for families but hospices like Little Havens help so much.

  3. How nice to see such a lovely place-good for you raising some money. Love the hand prints on the wall-very sweet.

  4. Little Havens is a very happy looking place. It must give the families some well deserved breathing space. Well done on your fantastic efforts 😀

  5. It’s great to see companies helping people. Especially excellent charities like this one. Great work.

  6. Well done on raising so much for a great cause. What an absolutely beautiful place they’ve created for these children – I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any future fundraising you do for them 🙂

  7. This is lovely – good work everyone! I particularly like the painted hand prints, they’re adorable!

  8. Such a fantastic effort from all at Solopress, supporting hospices is really commendable and something you don’t see companies doing a lot of nowadays

  9. So sad reading about this but such a great cause and do important for the time it gives family and loved ones together, well done on raising the money and love to see the change it makes to all the life you touch.

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