Solopress donate iPad 2 to Tesco Hand Car Wash Conference

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Solopress are donating a brand new iPad 2 to Tesco’s Car Wash Conference Event

Solopress are proud to be working with Waves Consultancy and are giving away a brand new IPad 2 to the lucky winner of the Marketing and Social Media category of the Tesco Hand Car Wash Conference 2013! Solopress will give away this fantastic prize, which has a 16GB hard drive, is Wi-Fi enabled and comes in a sleek black design.

Tesco Hand Car Wash
Solopress are proud to be working with Waves Consultancy who are Tesco’s sole supplier of hand car wash services. They currently manage over 130 Tesco car washes and are supplying to more locations each year!

Waves Consultancy are working hard to deliver Tesco’s ethos and values across their entire hand car wash estate; in every aspect of the business including compliance, ethical trading, training, support and providing the very best in customer service.

The Tesco Hand Car Wash Conference is a customer service-training event with guest speakers and will take place on the 6th November 2013 at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire. Please see the attached link at the bottom of the page for access to all contact information.

Good luck to you all!

Why did Waves Consultancy Limited chose Solopress printing?

Solopress were quick and easy providing fantastic quality and service.


  1. What a fantastic thing for Solopress to do 😀 Very kind donation …… also can’t wait to get my car washed at Tesco!!! It looks brown instead of green after we got back from Camping 😛

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