Desk Planners 

Provide a daily to-do list to tear off at the end of the day, or a valuable planning tool to help them get organised a week, month or year in advance. Give over some extra space to make notes, sketch ideas or simply indulge in a stress-relieving doodle. But most importantly, include an engaging brand message.

Desk Planners occupy valuable desktop real estate right in front of your audiences – perfect for keeping your brand at their fingertips.

Please note: Our Desk Planners are glued on the bottom edge to prevent the pages from getting damaged or curled.

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Customise your Desk Planners

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Custom Desk Planner Printing with Low Prices and Free Mainland UK Delivery from Solopress

Weekly Desk Planners allow colleagues and customers see what their week is looking like at a glance, as well as the satisfaction of obliterating a job well done from their to-do list. A monthly Desk Planner affords them a long-term outlook, ideal for project-based roles.

There are a number of approaches to pick from when creating a Desk Planner layout: feature daily task lists, show days of the week, or lay out each month day by day. Some go for the entire year, and even the previous and following years, on each leaf. These pads are supremely versatile, ready to be adapted to your business requirements.

Be sure to keep some areas blank for jotting down numbers and ideas, though. It’s also become popular to include line-drawn illustrations in Desk Planner designs to allow workers time out to de-stress with a bit of colouring-in!

As a springboard to help you create your own printed desk pads, we’ve created some layouts for you to customise. Simply pick the layout that most closely aligns with your planning needs and rearrange it as you see fit. Once you’ve added the all-important branding, you’ll have a unique piece of promotional material that’s immensely valuable to audiences.

We glue these desk top pads at the bottom edge to avoid curly corners and to keep your design practical and presentable in the long run.

Choose the number of pages for your Desk Planner in accordance with how you intend your pad to be used. We’ve even added the option of a 52-page pad to allow Weekly Desk Planners to endure all year long.

Included with each order is competitive pricing, fast turnarounds, white label packaging and free UK delivery.

Visit our guide for details of free delivery and exceptions.


Desk Planner templates

Please choose one of the following Desk Planner templates to download and use for your artwork.

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