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Table Talker Templates

Download a free Table Talker template and design branded table talkers that work perfectly on tabletops in your café, restaurant or bar. Our three-sided templates are a blank canvas to personalise with your branding and artwork – showcasing your latest offering.

Our table talker templates are available in three sizes:

With Solopress, designing and printing your unique table talkers is easy. Our free templates are available to download in two formats:

  • Illustrator – .ai
  • Acrobat .pdf

We’ve laid them out clearly, so you know exactly where to place your artwork. Any space within the dashed line is your safe area, where everything you include in the upload will be displayed once printed.

The grey area, on the other side of the dashed line, shows where any detail may be trimmed off when we print your table talkers. The blue area is the bleed, so make sure your artwork and text don’t creep into this space, as they will be cut from the final product.

Our templates also show you exactly where your table talker will be folded, marked by a bold pink line.

Unsure if tabletop advertising is right for your business? Our guide can help you benefit from using table talkers and explains how they can become a cost-effective part of your promotional efforts.

Once your design is finalised, all that’s left is to choose your size, we sell A6, DL, and 297 x 140 mm, and finish – available in silk, gloss, pulp, and brown kraft paper. Then, log in to your Solopress account, upload your artwork and we’ll print them for you.


A6 Table Talkers (148 x 105 mm)

315x148 Table Talker Icon.png


Our shortest table talker template has additional width, which allows you to add more menu contents and imagery.

Choose your preferred file format:

icon-ai.jpg icon-pdf.jpg



DL Table Talkers (210 x 99 mm)

297x210 Table Talker Icon.png


Use our slim DL table talker template to advertise your menu items on your bar or front of house tables.

Choose your preferred file format:

icon-ai.jpg icon-pdf.jpg



297 x 140 mm Table Talkers

297 x 140 Table Talker Icon.png


297 x 140 mm table talkers are displayed on their side, suiting landscape-orientated designs.

Choose your preferred file format:

icon-ai.jpg icon-pdf.jpg