10 quirky stationery products


It’s National Stationery Week and we have prepared a selection of the coolest office objects we could find on the Internet. Intrigued? Then check out our Top 10 Quirkiest Stationery Products now.

1. Concrete Mechanical Pencil

Bro, do you even lift? With this pencil there won’t be any doubts – you are the strongest bod in the office! Designed by 22 Design Studio, this pencil is made of high-density concrete and stainless steel, available in arctic-white, dark-gray and light-gray colours.

2. Crocodile Porcelain Stapler

This croc is hungry for your papers! Show your office who’s boss with this handcrafted and hand-painted stapler. Designed by Nach Bijoux.

3. Drumstick Pen

Are you a fidgety pen tapper? Or are you imagining yourself being the next Lars Ulrich or Ringo Starr? Then elevate your daily routine with this pair of ballpoint drumstick pens!

4. Football Pencil Erasers

Do you love your football? Then how about drawing a football pitch, get those whimsical erasers and game on! You can take it to the next level by decorating it with your favourite club’s shirt. Designed by Mike Vaiksaar.

5. Thumbs-Up Picture Hangers

Now there is something special for a Social Media maniac! Let everybody in the office know about your likes and dislikes with this easy installation. Designed by Fred & Friends.

6. Cork Cactus

Time to get organised with this innovative, maintenance-free prickly plant organiser. Pin your notes, meetings or favourite pictures – your desk will be clean and fresh to focus on daily work. You can also keep some small items inside the terracotta pot. Handy! Designed by Nick Lerwill.

7. Cracker Notes

Packaged in a stylish old-school deli bag, this set of notes can become a great gift for your forever hungry colleagues. A cracking idea indeed!

8. Sprout Bookmark

Let knowledge grow from more to more! This cute little sprout will always remind you where you left off and bring you a smile each time you pick up a book. Designed by Doo Design Studio.

9. Carp Pencil Case

For all you fish lovers; behold the Carp Pencil Case! Designed by Don Fisher, this case is illustrated and handcrafted from 100% cotton. Soft and warm to the touch (unlike the real one!), it will keep your pencils and pens safe and sound.

10. Love Hearts Stamps

Now, this is a real deal for all stationery addicts! This set comes with three messages ‘love you’, ‘smile’ and ‘call me’, perfect for adding to notes to show your affection! Designed by Suck UK.

I am sure many of us stationery addicts would appreciate these unique and quirky office tools. So let’s celebrate this National Stationery Week with style!

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