Toilet roll – the appreciation gift that looks like fruit

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What comes to mind when you think of appreciation gifts for clients or business associates? 

Perhaps a calendar, a gift card to a coffee shop or a fruit basket? In Japan, it’s common for toilet roll to be given out as a novelty appreciation gift – though why that delights people, we aren’t quite sure. At any rate, these juicy rolls have been wrapped to disguise their true nature.

toilet roll appreciation gift from japan

Tasty Packaging

Instead of the usual paper or plastic surrounding a loo roll, these Japanese tokens of thanks are packaged to look like fruit, including kiwi and strawberries. Delightfully bright coloured, they’re far more visually appealing than what you’d expect when someone hands you a roll of toilet paper.

toilet roll

Freshly Picked

The creative packaging is designed by Latona Marketing, and it appears to be a hit. There’s no denying that a collection of the different rolls has a great sense of whimsy when put together in a produce basket.

latona marketing appreciation gift solopress

Starting A Trend

What is your reaction to the trend of giving out toilet roll as an appreciation gift for valued customers? If this is something you’re daring enough to try doing (perhaps if you’re a rather creative plumber) then contact Solopress’ bespoke design team to create your own, unique toilet roll packaging.

Print For Your Business

Solopress is proud to announce a brand new product – triple layer swing tags! These luxe, ultra thick tags are perfect for marketing clothes and other items in your boutique during the holiday shopping season. 


  1. Still looks fabulous, will be a lot of fun to make and may be use as pen holder. It will surely make customers smiles. And who knows they may actually love it. Don’t underestimate the power of creativity. I will love to have one myself :0)

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