Print your social media

Everyone likes these Facebook stickers

Think social media is strictly online-only? Think again! Here are a few creative examples of how your digital presence can find its way onto some fabulous print materials.

Paper Tweets

This amusing notepad from Knock Knock has taken the messaging medium of Twitter and transformed it into a more old school format. Use it to ease your less than social media savvy friends into the idea of becoming @newtweeters.

The Paper Tweet notepad

Facebook CV

Sabrina Saccoccio found career success with this innovative, Facebook-style resume. She even included a “wall” of recommendations. And while the company she applied to wasn’t able to take her on, the interviewer was so impressed he posted her CV on his blog in the hopes someone else would snap her up.

Print your social media with the Facebook CV FacebookCV2

Social Truck

Hungry? The Guac Truck is a sustainable mobile eatery that serves up burritos, nacho bowls and more around the Philippines. They’ve made the most of their “on the road” state by subtly promoting their Twitter, website and email handles to drivers behind them.

This truck encourages drivers behind it to get social

Facebook Stickers

Designer Ross Moody’s fun social stickers are a great way to slap a little positivity around, whether they’re used on secondary students’ assignments or to decorate your laptop.

Everyone likes these Facebook stickers

Twitter Business Cards

One of many iterations of social business cards, this version features a distinctly Twitterific style, including the verification check mark. Others have been styled to look like miniature Instagram, Facebook or Google Plus accounts.

Twitter business cards are all the rage to print your social media

Facebook Save The Date Cards

What would a wedding in 2014 be without a little Facebook tie-in? Print your social media with these sweet save the date cards that celebrate your updated relationship status.

Facebook style save the date cards

Social Wedding Photo Cards

You can’t be everywhere at once on your big day, and these cards are a great way to ensure you don’t miss anything. Encourage your wedding guests to share their snaps on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with your chosen #hashtag and you can have fun reminiscing.

Let's get social wedding photo cards to print your social media

Other great ways to print your social media include turning pivotal Facebook moments into styled coffee table books and creating fridge magnets out of your Instagram snaps – so why not create paper versions of your social sites?


  1. What great ideas! Mixing old and new is the way to go; it appeals to everyone and all age groups can follow it successfully.

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