Top graphic design trends for 2016


We are taking a look forward to the design trends that will be everywhere this year.

In our fast paced world of changing design trends, it’s hard to place exactly what is trending before it becomes tiresome. This year, it’s predicted that minimalistic design is truly back, running off of the momentum of last year’s flattened designs whilst channeling influences from the 90s and 80s.

Formed with Polygons


This year we’ll start to see logos that are formed out of shapes, like the 3D classic polygon. Whether big or small, using shapes together to represent an image tears away distracting detail.

Seasonal Colour Palettes

Colour Combos

Design trends are nothing without colour. We’ve all used seasonal palletes in the past, but as design brands such as Pantone and Adobe make pre-made pallets for accessible we’ll start to see increase use of great cool or warm colour combinations.

Less is More


Yes, every year less is more but this year we are really going to see some raw organic colours mixed with minimalistic designs. Great sans serif fonts will be spearheading a move away from vintage handwriting and illustration.

Free Range Fonts

In a world where a font can cost you a small fortune, it’s refreshing that big businesses have made it their mission to share free open sourced fonts. Google Fonts isn’t a new thing, but with a steady increase in high quality fonts it is becoming a super power in the design community. Long live open sourced fonts!