Customer story – Libby London


British fashion house Libby London use Solopress for last minute discount flyers that flatter and reveal!

Libby London logo

Libby London are a clothing brand for career girls who want to dress appropriately for the office without compromising on style. The label was set up by ex investment banker Libby Hart to fill a gap in the market for stylish women’s workwear. The right office outfit can give you the extra confidence boost you need to progress up the career ladder.

“Our dresses are classic, sophisticated and office appropriate, with sleeves, hemlines and necklines that flatter rather than reveal,” explains Libby Hart.

Helping Achieve Success

Libby and her fashion company use Solopress as a lot of printing they do is very last minute and the Solopress quick turnaround print services help them a lot with this.

“It means we can have last minute discount flyers done to put in goody bags at things like awards dinner and things!”

Solopress printed these 380mic Pulp A5 Flyers for Libby London

Libby London pulp flyer A5 front

Libby London pulp flyer A5 back


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