Customer Story: Daniel Dytrych Photography

daniel dytrych photography flyers

Talented photographer Daniel Dytrych captures stunning images of the world around him. 

To help let others know what he does, he recently printed flyers with us that show just how hip it is to be square.

daniel dytrych photography

The Photographer

Daniel, of Daniel Dytrych Photography, works without the use of artificial lighting, as you’d commonly see in a photography studio. The art of natural light photography like his involves knowing how to see light and determine its intensity, colour and direction when positioning both the subject and the camera. Daniel commonly “shoots” images of landscapes, food, products, still life and portraits.

Located in Derbyshire, Daniel works on his own projects throughout the year, such as the recent “Natural Faces” series. Coming up, he’ll be doing a series entitled “The Face Of Homelessness.” He also takes commissions!

daniel dytrych photography flyers

The Flyers

We were delighted when Daniel not only printed with us, but blogged about his experience with Solopress upon receiving his order. He designed his square flyers with Adobe InDesign, keeping them fresh and minimal. As Daniel said, he wanted flyers that would explain to someone in five seconds or less what he did, before they have the opportunity to tune out.

The resulting print is beautiful in its simplicity. Made of uncoated, 100% recycled 380mic pulp, the flyers make a swift statement with no added clutter. And to top it off, they were captured beautifully by the natural way Daniel photographed them, using a Nikon D300s.

natural light photography flyers