650ml Recycled Dome Lid Water Bottles 

These distinctive, dome-topped Sports Bottles aren't just recycled, they're manufactured from Prevented Ocean Plastic. That means the material that goes into the Bottle section is collected from within 50km of ocean coastline or ocean-feeding waterways, so that it never ends up polluting our seas.

The push-pull, spill-proof lid is also recycled, making them a practical receptacle for when you're at home, at work, down the gym or out on the road.

Please note: This product requires artwork to be supplied as a vector graphic. For more information on this, please visit our Vector Artwork Support Guide.
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Customise your 650ml Recycled Dome Lid Water Bottles

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650ml Recycled Dome Lid Water Bottle Printing with Low Prices and Free UK Mainland Delivery from Solopress

The print area is 75mm high with the Bottle standing upright, and goes almost all the way around the circumference of the Bottle.

Product dimensions:

Height: 224mm
Diameter: 73.5mm
Weight: 84g
Capacity: 650ml

Print area: 210 x 75mm
Maximum print colours: 4



The following hex codes provide an indication of the shade of each colour that we offer. You can either use the highlighted colour to help you make your choice, or alternatively enter the hex code on this website in order to view it in a larger size. 

Please note that colours displayed on electronic devices such as monitors and phones will always be slightly different to the actual colours. If a colour appears in this list but not in the dropdown menu above, this colour is currently out of stock.

Blue / Blue - #002D72
Blue / White - #001489
Blue / Solid Black - #001489
Charcoal / Royal Blue - #25282A / #002D72
Charcoal / Solid Black - #25282A
Charcoal / White - #25282A
Charcoal / Red - #25282A / #D6001C
Charcoal / Lime Green - #25282A / #DBE442
Charcoal / Aqua - #25282A / #00B0B9
Charcoal / Bright Green - #25282A / #00B74F
Charcoal / Orange - #25282A / #E87722
Charcoal / Magenta - #25282A / #EA60A7
Charcoal / Purple - #25282A / #6E3FA3
Charcoal / Yellow - #25282A / #FBDB65
Royal Blue / Red - #001489 / #D6001C


Supplying Artwork:

Vector Graphics
To ensure that your artwork is printed at the highest possible resolution, your artwork must be supplied as a vector graphic. Please supply your artwork as an EPS, vector PDF or SVG file with embedded fonts, this means that we can scale up your artwork to any size without the image appearing pixelated. We cannot use the following file formats JPEG, GIF, PNG or TIFF, or any files that contain these file types.

Spot Colour Information
We are able to print 4 solid coated Pantone colours on this product. Your chosen solid Pantone colours must be 100% solid throughout. We’re also unable to print metallic or neon colours.

Great prices, free mainland UK delivery, fast-paced turnarounds and white label packaging are all part of the Solopress experience.

Visit our guide for details of free delivery and exceptions.



650ml Recycled Dome Lid Water Bottle Templates

Please choose one of the following templates to download and use to create your vector artwork.

icon-ai.jpg icon-id.jpg icon-pdf.jpg