Customer Story – And At What Cost Art

david andrews andatwhatcost art

Liverpool-based artist and graphic designer David Andrews works under the title “And At What Cost.” 

His imaginative creations are winning him fans from across the UK, who appreciate his unique take on papercutting, book carving and painting. Recently, David printed a few of his outstanding works with Solopress.

Perfect Prints

David chose Solopress to print this collection of artwork, which was designed using high resolution scans of vintage medical textbooks, with coloured vectors layered overtop. The juxtaposition of the bold graphics overtop the old fashioned medical imagery is both unusual and brilliant. We especially like the lightning bolt over historical dental records.

david andrews andatwhatcost art
Images from David’s And At What Cost art series, printed by Solopress.

Super Service

What originally drew David to Solopress for his latest And At What Cost art series was the great price. We’re happy to hear that he also appreciate the convenience of our live chat support and personal service when it came to selecting the best paper stock for his prints. Upon recommendation of Robert, David went with our 380mic pulp posters, which he liked for their thickness and texture. And Charlie double-checked the art matched his vision before David’s final proof went to print.

Beyond this latest And At What Cost art series, David is busy with many other works and even has a Liverpool street art project in the pipeline! We are delighted to know that he’s interested in printing with us on more occasions in the future.

Some of David's other work, featuring a vivid butterfly stencil.

If you’re keen to see more art by And At What Cost, check out David’s Facebook page!


  1. Wow, what fab artwork – brilliant ideas blended with super printing. Having seen this work in person, I am very impressed 🙂

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