Customer Stories: Ben Taggart’s Model Houses


Ben Taggart has been working for over 20 years creating architectural models for museums, property developers, and mostly people who have really fantastic houses. Ben’s real niche is being able to offer a unique service that involves capturing not only the architectural detail of a building but also the colour and texture in order to capture the aesthetic details with precision. He initially started practising his craft whilst working in the film industry.
Often, models were required to look like real buildings on screen, this was perfect for Ben as he has always worked with a high level of intricacy to make sure that the finest detail is not missed to ensure the model is as lifelike as possible.
Over the course of his career, Ben has found that people are often fascinated by miniature buildings. He often constructs models of private residencies for clients in the UK and many Americans who have lived in Britain and would like a memento of their home to take back to the states. After many years working for the BBC and Channel 4, he started his own business in 1996 and has continued to amaze people with his work ever since. In fact, he has received a royal seal of approval when an early commission of Ben’s was a model of Highgrove in Gloucestershire as a present for The Prince of Wales. Following this, the commissions for his ‘house portraits’ soon flooded in.
Following Ben’s most recent order from Solopress, we got in touch and he explained a little more about his experience.
Finding new clients is always a very interesting part of the job and I always meet them in person to show my portfolio of work and discuss their individual requirements. Having my new cards from Solopress will make a great impression and help to leave something with my clients that reflects the level of detail and quality of my work. I was really impressed with Solopress as it only took one day from when I sent my artwork to receiving my business cards in the post.