Customer Stories: The Squeeze Café

Customer Stories - Customer Stories: The Squeeze Café

The Squeeze Café is a well established part of the busy and varied Bar and Café scene that makes up Leigh-on-Sea.

Now celebrating their tenth year in business; with a Healthy Eating Gold Award and the odd Essex Business award picked up along the way. The Squeeze are branching out from their winning formula of quality smoothies, juices and dining to take an active role in educating the importance of health and wellbeing.

Customer Stories

The Events

The health and wellbeing events started in 2015 give customers a chance to tie in with a smoothie offer to aid a kick start to active living. Giving customers and the local community a great opportunity listen to qualified nutritionists, dieticians, therapists and professional speakers as well as a chance meet and network with other like minded people and professionals.

Customer Stories

Where We Come In

Having ordered from Solopress many times before, owner Rob Mears needed a large display as well as some leaflets to spread the word and share the news of these events with the local community. Rob said that choosing Solopress was simple with our excellent reliability and fast turnaround times. Rob sent over the PDFs of his roller banner and leaflet designs and the finished products were delivered down to the Squeeze the very next day.

Customer Stories - Squeeze

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