Customer Stories: Defo Totes

Customer Stories - Defo Totes

This week’s customer stories features Norwich based company, Defo Totes who specialise in eco-friendly Tote bags with a ‘support local’ ethos behind their designs.







Owner Kara Langford’s idea came from a play on words and a love of bags, the Tote bag being championed for its ease of use and excellent versatility. The other deciding factors taken into consideration were their ease to carry and the low impact nature environmentally when compared to plastic bags given out in supermarkets.

Featuring designs from artists local to Norwich, UK. Kara wanted to produce bags that appeal to the fashion market while also ensuring that the environmental impact of doing so was as minimal as possible.








“Like everyone I want to do my best to cause as little harm to the planet as possible when buying products. It can sometimes be hard to do this as a lot of fashion companies still aren’t explicit about their supply chain and their policies feel more like an afterthought than a core concept.”

“I chose to use Solopress for my business cards after having them recommended to me by an Illustrator I met. Charli Vince said that she’d used a few companies but that the quality of Solopress far surpassed any of the others.”

“As a new business owner I want my cards to reflect the quality of my products, so that when I meet potential customers, designers or other businesses that I can work with they will take me seriously.”

“When I opened up the package I was absolutely delighted, the design looks incredibly vibrant and my logo really pops, which added to the great quality feel of the cards just makes them the absolutely perfect way to promote my business. I can’t wait to hand them out so that I can order some more!”

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