Flippin’ Fruit – The Juiced Up Dice Game!

Flippin- Fruit game - little oranges jumping out of down

Flippin’ Games in Melton Mowbray are looking for £2,800 on Kickstarter to fund their new Flippin’ Fruit board game…

Flippin' Fruit animated gif

Hoping to do for board games what Candy Crush Saga did for smartphone gaming, Flippin’ Fruit is a competitive tabletop game with dice and cards. And unlike a typical fantasy board game, there’s no dark wizards or mighty axes of meat to contend with, just lots of fruity fun for the whole family to enjoy.

“With your help, we can get this juicy board game off the production lime and into homes all across the world,” says Andrew Platt of Flippin’ Games. “I’m a professional artist and my wife Stephanie loves gaming, hence making a perfect combination for game development!”

“The game concept originated during a long car journey from the east coast back to our home in Melton Mowbray,” he adds. “We’ve both been big game enthusiasts our whole lives, so having time to kill, we kicked about some ideas based on fruit machines we were obsessively playing by the sea. And thus, Flippin’ Fruit was born!”

Hit The Jackpot

At the time of writing, Flippin’ Fruit has already secured 94 backers and £1,711 of funding on Kickstarter – with 17 days still left to go.

Here’s what some of the game’s backers are saying about Flippin’ Fruit:

“What I like about Flippin’ Fruit is that the theme is very easy going. Giant monsters and dungeons tend to put off some people. I might be able to convince my non-gaming wife and teen daughter to play Flippin’ Fruits.” -Dan Morey

“I think this game is going to be great!” -Peter Crosby

“It was the artwork what caught my eye on this project first.” -PetrF

Flippin' Fruit board game photo

Solopress wish Andrew and Stephanie the best of luck with their first Kickstarter project – do YOU want to play a game of Flippin’ Fruit?

For further information, please visit Flippin’ Fruit on Kickstarter.


  1. I am really interested in this game, so I hope they get the funding they need to put it into production. It looks great fun for all the family, which is not as easy as it sounds

  2. What a nice format. I can’t play those online games such as Candy Crush (my computer is to old and I mean really old!!) So a similar in table top is a cute. The makers of the game are very passionate about this project, off to (TRY) and watch the video!!

  3. This game looks like it’d be good fun and would drag people away from electronic devices if only for a little while. Hopefully my family will be able to play without any nasty arguments as the competitive elements leak out of some of them…well me.

  4. Love this idea, the era of the board game in our house is long gone as in many households. Playing games on smartphones and other devices. This looked like a nice bright game for all ages, it looks fun. Think we might just have to try this one out

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