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Yimby by JustGiving silk postcard printed by Solopress

Yimby by JustGiving, the new crowdfunding community for social good, have used Solopress for quite a few printing jobs recently. Yimby Community Manager Kate Eggleshaw tells us why…

Yimby Just Giving banner

Yimby is a community crowdfunding platform from the people behind JustGiving and we allow anyone to raise money to make good things happen – whether that’s starting a community garden or helping a neighbour in need.

So far, we’ve helped hundreds of people start making an impact in their local area, including Promise (who created a mentoring scheme for underprivileged kids), Jen (who crowdfunded a disability trike for Max) and Graham (who started a community growing group).

At Yimby we take a ‘test and learn’ approach to working, which means we like to move quickly with short project turnarounds. The efficient service provided by Solopress has therefore proven invaluable to us, and it’s reassuring to know that speed and value come at no compromise on quality.

We’ve used Solopress for a number of projects, including the production of information leaflets for MPs for our visit to the House of Commons.

We recently hit a significant milestone in our growth, with over £1 million pledged to social good projects throughout the UK through Yimby. We thought this would be a perfect time to take a personal approach and thank our users with a handwritten postcard from the team, and approached Solopress for their production.

As always, we were more than happy with the result, and will look forward to using Solopress again at our next milestone!

Solopress printed these Silk Postcards for Yimby by JustGiving

Yimby by JustGiving silk postcard printed by Solopress

“We’ve used Solopress for quite a few printing jobs recently and they’ve always been completed quickly – to a high standard and at excellent value. Thanks again for all your help.”
Kate Eggleshaw, Yimby Community Manager at JustGiving


  1. Crowdfunding is a great idea. One of those things you think and say ‘why didnt anyone think of this before?’

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