Work We Love: Hazel Bee


Creative, niche car printing company Hazel Bee are creators of great designs and Solopress were lucky enough to be their partners in printing some of their fabulous illustrations

As you know, there’s no rest for the wicked here at Solopress, with a fairly hefty number of jobs signed off and printed every day.  Sometimes though, we receive such an utterly brilliant or clever piece of design or artwork that it stops us in our tracks. That was the case with Hazel Bee’s postcards – 8 illustrations each containing an amusing or witty message. The company produce greetings cards and gifts that have ‘as little negative effect on the environment as they can possibly manage’ so we were happy to help by printing the cards on to recycled pulp using vegetable inks. In addition, because Hazel Bee only used one colour, it takes less time to ‘make ready’ [prepare for print], so less wasted paper and therefore a smaller carbon footprint too.

Check out some of their designs below – it just goes to show that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. We love them all – but the proposal denial had us grinning from ear to ear.  Good stuff Hazel Bee!


  1. I absolutely adore these sketches! Thank you for brightening my dull Friday Solopress.

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