What’s new in the Solopress Printing Spotlight – May 2012


This month in the Solopress Printing Spotlight we’ve gone green with premier London florist Vanilla Rose, produced flyers for UK garage sensation Priscilla Angelique, marvelled at LiveLee’s funky portrait photography and even printed lots of cool stuff for Click2Scan – experts in the paperless office!

As an added bonus, Priscilla Angelique is offering a free music track to every Solopress customer who signs up to her mailing list. See her Spotlight blog for more details.

Solopress Printing Spotlight : Click2Scan

A high-tech company which extolls the virtues of the paperless office, but continues to use paper to promote their work? Click2Scan’s Ross Merritt tells us why printing at Solopress.com makes all the difference…

Solopress Printing Spotlight : Livelee Photography

Get Livelee Photography, get stunning images. That’s why photographer Lee Aspland chooses Solopress.com for equally

Solopress Printing Spotlight : Vanilla Rose
Solopress.com customer and respected florist, Rachael Roberts at Vanilla Rose, reveals her passion for flowers and printing…