No printing dramas for Solopress and Strawberry Words

An illustration of the flyer by solopress for the strawberry word drama games training day

Challenge, motivate and inspire is the ethos for Strawberry Words Arts Education. With their latest training course on the horizon, they’ve had their fair share of printing disasters… until they met Solopress! 

Strawberry Words is an arts education company based in Birmingham. They offer a range of training programmes dedicated to unleashing human potential using in the best way. Their programmes offer an eclectic mix of fun activities which are both exciting and challenging. 

Strawberry Words writes:

Our whole vibe is based on enabling others to SEE –

Success – Challenging ourselves to accomplish goals

Empathy – Understanding the human experience

Excellence – Being the best we can be

Their inspiring team requires regular printed media to publicise their performances, events and training programmes. Having had a few less than favourable experiences in the printing industry, they decided to give Solopress a try to illustrate their latest arts training course.

Flyer printed by Solopress for Strawberry Words

Working together we were able to provide a balanced leaflet displaying the details of their Drama Games Training Day coming up in November 2014. Strawberry Words were delighted and very impressed with the overall service they received:

“It is official, after dealing with questionable printing companies. We deem yours the absolute best! Fast, reliable & efficient!”

This particular performance ends with a standing ovation: no printing dramas for Solopress and Strawberry Words!