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Octopus HR

In this edition of Customer Stories, we caught up with David Richter from Buckinghamshire based company, Octopus HR.

David got in touch after receiving a HUGE quote from his regular design company for both print and design services. Founded in 2002, Octopus set out to revolutionise the world of HR and offer ‘Software as a Service’. Here’s the story of David’s customer experience.

Octopus HR

In May we exhibited at the Legalex trade show to support the launch of an HR system we had developed specifically targeting the HR departments in law firms. This was the first exhibition we had ever attended as an exhibitor and, as the marketing manager, I’d had to beg, borrow and steal from the rest of my budget to convince my directors that this was something we could and should do. For me this was a test event that, if we could prove the value of attending, would pave the way for future investment in attending relevant trade shows.

The number one objective for us was to demo our HR system to as many delegates as possible. It was touch and go as to whether we were going to produce a brochure for this niche market. Being a niche audience we weren’t going to be able to re-use many surplus brochures and my board felt that giving brochures away at a conference was just a waste of paper. After an expensive quote from a graphic design agency I decided to take matters into my own hands and commissioned an A4, 8pp brochure design and decided upon Solopress as our print supplier. With these new, competitive prices I was able to convince my board to take a punt on printing a brochure (and I’m glad I did).

Octopus HR

As a marketer I love analysing metrics. But there are some things that data alone can’t show you. By having a brochure at this trade show I know that we won a new client that we almost certainly wouldn’t have won without a brochure. One of our sales consultants was chatting away to a delegate at our trade show stand trying to convince them to take a demo of our system. It was proving hard work. The delegate was just about to walk off when, all of a sudden, his colleague who picked up a brochure from our literature stand came over to him, flips to the back page of the brochure and points out half a dozen competitors we had listed in the brochure as our clients. This ignited their curiosity and all of a sudden they were keen to see everything our HR software could do. Within a month they had signed as a new client.

My experience of using Solopress has been out of this world. It was quite a last minute decision to print a brochure, Solopress turned the job round in breakneck speed. The specifications I wanted the brochure created in differed a bit from what was listed as standard options on the website. By speaking with a Solopress representative over the phone they were able to advise on what stock would work well, sent over samples in the post the following day and quotes were turned around quickly by email.

Octopus HR

One of the major benefits of our HR system over our competitors is the modern, clean, user-friendly design. It was therefore crucial that the brochure showed this off in the best possible light. Colours needed to be vibrant, text crisp and clear and images pin sharp. With Solopress I was not disappointed. Even after the order has been completed the after sales support has been great too. I needed to get a copy of an invoice I’d lost, picked up the phone to your accounts department and within 5 minutes it was in my inbox. Will definitely be using again.

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