Work We Love: It’s good to get feedback


Here at Solopress, we are lucky enough to work with a wide variety of customers from churches to cinemas, to fashion houses and estate agents producing postcards, promotional flyers, magazines, posters, brochures – you name it, we relish the challenge!

On the whole, we realise that if clients are only half as busy as we are, they don’t have time to give us much feedback. And on that basis, that no news is usually good news, we are pretty happy with a deafening silence.

However we were really pleased to receive positive reaction from graphic design agency, Pictographik who we recently printed business cards for.

They bring together the disciplines of graphic design and digital image manipulation for all areas of print media and with a company slogan ‘the devil is in the detail’ they should know what they are talking about.  We think their business cards are a perfect blend of form and function – pretty quirky and gritty whilst getting their message across really clearly,

Business Card