Branding in print – online crafts retailer Seek It Out at Solopress

Seek It Out logo

Seek It Out creative director Rosie Beswick reveals why the branding for this online crafts store is too important to risk using anything but the very best when it comes to offline print marketing…

Seek It Out branding and logo

Despite the economic gloom, online retailer Seek It Out have been busy selling craft kits and designer home accessories to a global audience since April last year. The team at Seek It Out are dedicated to bringing customers lovely and unusual things for their homes – pretty bits & bobs that are unique and full of character. With British home owners now staying on for longer in their current properties, it makes perfect business sense to help them brighten up the place and improve their surroundings.

Seek It Out are a rural family concern based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Their passion is to help adults enjoy sewing, knitting, crochet and so much more. Now that’s quite a task, in a world where not everyone has learnt these skills at their mother’s knee.

As a smart online retail store, Seek It Out continually search the diverse world of British design to unearth those wonderful, talented individuals whose creations people would love to stumble on in craft centres around the UK – if only they actually had the time to go and visit them.

Seek It Out sew kit branding basket photo

Seek It Out not only sell a range of products from third-parties, but have also recently launched their own range of simple sew project kits aimed at all adults. That’s a rare thing, as most kits are sold for children or the ultra-skilled seamstress.  These kits are also available to other retailers. So to get them right was mission critical – and that included the print.

Branding Is Everything

From letterheads to flyers for the latest flagship product, success for Seek It Out has been proven with Solopress printing. Business cards, postcards, compliment slips and even gift vouchers all portray the Seek It Out brand and branding in a professional way.

“Creating our own kits means a great deal of work and so we need fast responsive printers who get what we need, support us through the process and produce perfect results,” says Rosie Beswick creative director of Seek It Out. “That is the very reason we continue to return to a great UK supplier, namely Solopress. Buying in the UK is important to us, as is a keen price and quality results. With Solopress we can marry everything successfully.”

Seek It Out's Rosie Beswick photo

Branding is so important, far too important to risk anything inferior,” Rosie continues. “Seek It Out will carry on creating a passion for craft and home, knowing there are Solopress print experts at the end of the phone, helping us to make the Seek It Out brand stand out from the crowd.”

Solopress printed these 350gsm Silk A6 Flyers for Seek It Out

Seek It Out silk flyer A6 back

Seek It Out silk flyer A6 front