SingingBird Artist Dee Fairchild Sings Solopress’ Praises

Solopress customer story and artwork

Post-modern and contemporary British Art has many different styles, forms and contributors. One Solopress Customer, Dee “Singing Bird” Fairchild tells us her story of how Solopress’s website, excellent customer service and great value for money help her to promote her art!

We’re over the moon with the lovely email Dee sent us, she starts by explaining a bit about herself, and why she chooses to get her promotional materials printed on Solopress’ recycled stock:

“I’m a disabled artist: I make work that is of a professional standard and I need my promotional materials to reflect that, but it is more than twice as hard for me to organize, as I have to manage my energy and money very carefully. The simple layout of the website really helped me figure out which product would serve me best, the lovely sample pack, the range of papers and the soya inks all meant I could choose exactly what I wanted at an extremely affordable price.”

 Check out the inspirational flyers Dee had printed with us.

Flyers 300mic Pulp Card

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Dee ends the email on a high-note, she’s even recommended us to fellow artists and friends! Thanks Dee, you’ve made our day!

“The advice from the online support team and the checking service were extremely helpful and reassuring and then the turnaround time is so fast! I have recommended you in the disabled artist networks I’m in because the patience of your online team, who were really supportive, when I was spending what would be a small amount for a business, but a large amount from my very tight promotion budget.”

Check out Dee’s blog for more info and samples of her artwork.

Singing Bird Art Installations

Three installations will be in London: February 3rd – March 28th 2014 as part of Loudest Whispers at the St Pancras Conference Centre Gallery, 4 St Pancras Way, NW1 0PE

Two installations will be in Nottingham: September 21st – October 1st 2014 as part of United Nations Day for Peace celebrations.

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