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A4 Gloss Brochures printed by Solopress for Click2Scan

A high-tech company which extols the virtues of the paperless office, but continues to use paper to promote their work? Click2Scan’s Ross Merritt tells us why printing at Solopress makes all the difference…

Click2Scan ( firmly believe in changing the way businesses work to promote sustainability and reduce their environmental impact, as does Solopress – which we like! The way in which we achieve this is by introducing businesses, large and small, to the world of document scanning and guide them towards becoming a paperless office.

This works by digitalising all internal paperwork and all future incoming post. Vital floor space is freed up (taken up beforehand by filing cabinets), paperwork can be shredded and recycled and more than one member of staff can then view a document without having to produce multiple photocopies!

Times Have Changed

Our solutions include hardware and software packages, fully set up and customised to suit the way a company works. Our exciting new solution is AirDocs, a Cloud document management solution, giving businesses the ability to access their documents from any device with a web browser, in the style of a ‘virtual filing cabinet’. Minimal set-up time is required, AirDocs can be hosted externally (taking away the need for a company to keep a large, energy consuming server) and company efficiency will go through the roof – literally, to the Cloud!

Click2Scan logo in Solopress Printing and Design blog

We at Click2Scan have used Solopress for a number of years for the printing of our business cards, compliment slips, flyers, leaflets, brochures and Christmas cards. Solopress also recently printed our company brochure, full of new great quality graphics produced by our designer, and we were over the moon with the result. The card stock is of a fantastic standard and we are very proud when we show it off in front of potential clients.

Core Values

It may seem a contradiction to be promoting green practices yet still sending paper-based marketing material, but the message has to be spread in the conventional way at first to allow us to reach businesses and we make sure that our material is sourced from the most environmentally friendly businesses. We like the way Solopress take a minimal approach, whilst up-keeping the quality, in using recycled paper and sustainable vegetable oil inks.

The professional touch has had a really positive impact on our success and we will definitely be using Solopress many times again in the near future!

Solopress printed these 400gsm Extra Thick Silk A5 Flyers for Click2Scan

A5 Silk Flyers printed by Solopress for Click2Scan

Solopress printed these 130gsm 8-Page Gloss A4 Stapled Brochures for Click2Scan

A4 Gloss Brochures printed by Solopress for Click2Scan

Solopress printed these 170gsm Extra Thick A5 Gloss Leaflets for Click2Scan

A5 Gloss Leaflets printed by Solopress for Click2Scan - front

A5 Gloss Leaflets printed by Solopress for Click2Scan - back

Solopress printed these 400gsm Luxury Matt Laminated Business Cards for Click2Scan

Matt Laminated Business Cards printed by Solopress for Click2Scan

Solopress printed these Christmas Cards for Click2Scan. Please call us on 01702 460047 if you need greeting cards for any occasion…

Christmas Cards printed by Solopress for Click2Scan - front

Christmas Cards printed by Solopress for Click2Scan - back


  1. Certainly environment friendly but also very futuristic to comply with the needs of the various business, specially when space is of a premium value. I like the concept and product.


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