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MyEdo banner printed with Solopress

Founder of men’s luxury fashion retailer MyEdo, Edoardo Cannarsa, bares all about his rapidly growing online company and why they use Solopress’ silky smooth printing service…

MyEdo ( is a new online men’s wear platform that sells exclusive luxury items. Formed in October 2011, MyEdo was established with the concept of creating a place where men’s fashion would stand alone at the forefront. Instead of stocking common high street brands and designers, we decided to place exclusivity at the heart of all brands that would be featured on MyEdo. This led us to searching for quality brands and designers that could provide the 21st century gentleman with clothes that pulled away from the assembly line production, by going back to basics and delivering more individual products.

Every item that is featured on the MyEdo website is made to limited stock, guaranteeing customers do not see their item of clothing on anyone else. This ensures a greater level of exclusivity and highlights the creativity of the set of designer’s and brands that we collaborate with, as we seek to push the boundaries of one off clothing.

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MyEdo is more than just a retailer, but a guide for the 21st century gentleman on how to dress, groom and stay in touch with an ever advancing society. Our blog and social media sites have been put together to offer our customers an ultimate experience in fashion and lifestyle. Solopress help us engage with our customers with great quality products (flyers and leaflets, business cards) showing great quality not only from our clothing but from our company branding too.

We currently have headquarters in Windsor, London and Naples and possess a worldwide customer base, distributing our products across Europe, Africa and the United States of America. Solopress allow us to order around the clock, even when we are working late at night when a project is signed off. We have no worries as Solopress print within 24 hours! We couldn’t ask for a better service. It’s a great partnership that MyEdo will be continue to use for the foreseeable future.

Solopress printed these 130gsm Gloss A5 Leaflets for MyEdo

Solopress printed these 130gsm gloss A5 leaflets for MyEdo

Solopress printed these 350gsm Gloss A5 Flyers for MyEdo

Solopress printed these 130gsm gloss A5 leaflets for MyEdo


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