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Expo Matt Laminated Business Cards printed by Solopress for ROiBOT

Solopress’ printing was ROight on the button for digital marketing agency ROiBOT at their local business exhibition, says company co-founder Mark Fuller…

ROiBOT are a full service digital marketing agency, specialising in areas such as Paid Search, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media marketing and website creation. Although as individuals we have many years of experience in the digital industry, starting our own business venture has been a great but challenging journey.

Many of our clients have approached us, having found that simply building a website, unfortunately, does not mean that people will visit. ROiBOT’s services are designed to get businesses seen online. We translate numbers into meaningful information and then actions, to help you achieve more from your website.

Return On Investment

Based in West Byfleet in Surrey, ROiBOT takes its name from our way of working. Our aim is to maximise your Return On Investment regardless of budget, industry or company size. In the past we have helped all kinds of businesses from large supermarket chains to the local butchers over the road (who would turn down a month’s supply of sausages?!)

Supporting Start-Ups

Recently ROiBOT attended the Woking Means Business Exhibition where we had exposure to over 500 local businesses. Due to the tough economic climate there has been a noticeable increase in start-ups where people are offering their own specialised skills, for example, photography, yoga and business coaching. At the exhibition, the ROiBOT ‘start-up package’ was incredibly popular. It provides support along with solutions, helping start-ups to get seen online and achieve a return on their investment.

ROiBOT at the Woking Means Business Exhibition

Solopress provided ROiBOT with flyers, business cards and a 2m pop-up banner. With this being ROiBOT’s first exhibition we wanted a quality product that represented the ROiBOT brand. We found using Solopress very convenient as we got all our printing needs done in one place and the delivery was fast. We are looking forward to using our roller banner at the next show – see you there!

Solopress printed these 400gsm Luxury Matt Laminated Business Cards for ROiBOT

Exhibition Matt Lamination Business Cards printed by Solopress for ROiBOTExpo Matt Laminated Business Cards printed by Solopress for ROiBOT

Solopress printed these 130gsm Gloss A5 Leaflets for ROiBOT

Exhibition Gloss A5 Leaflets printed by Solopress for ROiBOT

Solopress printed these Roller Banners for ROiBOT

Exhibition Roller Banners printed by Solopress for ROiBOT


  1. Hopefully they will be able to help up and coming business. Nursery units for new startups might be a good idea

  2. Very nice design, when I visited “” there was no Robot mascot?
    I think you should design websites as well.

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