Solopress Printing Spotlight : Suki Hubbard graphic designer

Swing tags printed by Solopress for Suki Hubbard and Millie Mac

London graphic designer and illustrator Suki Hubbard started out animating TV commercials for Smarties and Tetley Tea. Now she can enjoy a tea break while bring her printing to life…

Stationery and labels printed by Solopress for Suki Hubbard and HatasticMy name is Suki Hubbard and I own I’ve been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for 18 years. My flexible design style has given me the opportunity to work for a variety of clients – from physiotherapists and publishers CondeNast to the Discovery Channel and Department of Health.

Projects undertaken have ranged from technical illustrations for books, brand development and stationery, invitations and online work – with website partner Dawn Mitchell at

Business Cards printed by Solopress for Suki Hubbard and Smyth NobleQuote Me

Most initial estimates for my graphic design business include print costs but in the old days, gathering quotes from traditional print houses used to involve a lot of chasing. I’ve never had to ask for a quote twice in the four years I have used them!

Another delight of using is the option of a short print run. Increasingly I find that clients want smaller quantities for one-off event posters, invitations or promotional postcards. I even print my own business cards at in quantities of 50 so that I can keep the design fresh and my contact details up to date.

On the side, I design my own stationery. The concept greetings cards are handmade but by monitoring sales, I can establish what is worth printing on a larger scale. This in turn will make products more commercially attractive and help my business grow.

Swing tags printed by Solopress for Suki Hubbard and Millie MacSights and Sounds

Currently, I am creating a new identity for Sounds Simple – a new company offering audio services to film and television, based in Richmond upon Thames. I have designed the logo and will now apply the design to their business stationery including postcards and sound report sheets. They also need oversized ‘kit’ stickers.

For more information, please read my blog at printed by Solopress for Suki HubbardPhysiotherapist appointment cards printed by Solopress for Suki HubbardHandmade stationery business cards printed by Solopress for Suki HubbardLabels and stationery printed by Solopress for Suki Hubbard and Hatastic

Free business card design offer ended April 2013


  1. I love Suki Hubbard’s designs, they look really pretty, I can see why she has come to Solopress as they appear to be bang on with their offer.

  2. Absolutely beautiful work – I love the Millie Mac design business cards, the range of colours really stand out, which is really important especially as vibrant business cards are the ones that are remembered!

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