We Are CAN in London use Solopress printing service

A0 Gloss Posters printed by Solopress for We Are CAN

We Are CAN co-founder Damiano Marchetti shows why the Collaborative Arts Network in London selected Solopress as their creative printing partner…

We Are CAN London design studio logoWe Are CAN are a creative London studio operating by virtue of a Collaborative Arts Network. The team are made up of a collective of creatively focused young entrepreneurs who work in the four disciplines of the network: Arts & Design, Multimedia, Performance and Web & Digital. We promote and facilitate new collaborations between creative professionals and businesses. We Are CAN.

We identified a lack of communication as the obstacle preventing creative individuals from doing what they love. We Are CAN are the positive reaction to this realisation. We seek to manufacture opportunity by establishing a network that will create it. We provide an inspirational space for creative seeds to be born, drawing on co-operative, powerful and unique individuals.

Creative Entrepreneurs

At the heart of We Are Can lies a collaborative ethos that is best explained through the story of ‘The Four Harmonious Friends’. This story of interdependence, cooperation and harmony is the foundation of the CAN identity.

As myself and Marilyn Rose, the founders of the company put it, We Are CAN hope to provide the vehicle and energy for that collective belief in a new world of opportunity, and for channeling it into focused, productive action on an international scale by means of creative collaboration.

This is our positive reaction to the arts and the university funding cuts; and the ever-growing voice of the new, digital generation who believes collaboration is the key to opportunity. We Are CAN operate primarily as an incubator; as such we provide the secure inspirational space for projects to be born and occasionally we invest seed capital, to help our members see their projects develop into functioning business.

We create opportunities for aspiring professionals to work on real briefs for real clients, which would unlikely be attainable to them alone. Our mission is to excite creative professionals about the prospects of choosing collaboration as a mode of pursuit of professional development.

We Are CAN are a creative design studio based in London

Why Solopress?

As a creative agency representing the best in the creative industry, our products and communications need to be of the best quality standard and delivered fast. Solopress help us do just that! Partnering up with them not only allowed us to present ourselves in the best way, it also allowed our members to have access to the same high quality printing results.

Solopress are our trusted partner for all our printing services from whom we expect nothing less than perfect results, at a great price (not to mention the stunning speed of the service). To a long and fruitful collaboration!

Solopress printed these 130gsm Gloss A0 and A2 Posters for We Are CAN

A2 Gloss Posters printed by Solopress for We Are CAN

A0 Gloss Posters printed by Solopress for We Are CAN

“We Are CAN are not only a team, CAN are a fully-qualified creative army.”
Damiano Marchetti, We Are CAN co-founder

We Are CAN founder Damiano Marchetti opens printing package from Solopress


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