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Solopress printed these matt laminated business cards for BrandPhoto front

Discover how Solopress saved BrandPhoto’s Business Startup Show deals. They’re also offering Solopress customers an exclusive 25% discount code to use their 3D photo service this month! BrandPhoto co-founder Miguel Mayher has the details…

BrandPhoto turns your logo or brand name into an impressive 3D photo that helps you look professional during that critical first impression of your website, business cards, presentations or other marketing materials.

We had everything ready. Our target companies identified, the indirect approach practiced, the irresistible partnership propositions written down. The Business Startup Show, the UK’s biggest trade exhibition for new companies, was coming up at the end of the week. Thursday 17th November – my birthday! The stars were aligned… or so I thought.

BrandPhoto co-founders Matthieu Pinauldt and Miguel Mayher

Can I Have Your Card?

Suddenly it dawned on us: business cards! As a fast paced startup, we had iterated our product several times since the early days to include the feedback from our customers, and that included a change in our website’s name from what it was at the start of the year to Alas, we had forgotten to print new business cards with this change. Ironically, our product’s main benefit is it provides your visitors and prospects a professional first impression of your company in your website and marketing materials. How could we approach business development without our own business cards with their BrandPhoto printed on them?

Hot off the Press

Solopress saved the day. I remembered having used them eight months before and having received many compliments on the quality of our previous business cards. More crucially, they were the only company we found that did 24-hour turnaround with bespoke projects. We were in a rush, and sure enough, they delivered. We ordered two different sets of cards for each and had them delivered to our office the next day.

BrandPhoto matt laminated business cards in the Solopress Spotlight printing blog

Looking professional. Looking good

My co-founder and I were now ready to roll at the show the day after, and the day proved to be a success! We managed to strike solid conversations with all our target strategic alliance companies and left a memorable impression with them when they saw our own BrandPhoto printed in our business cards. Guess what? Things are looking even better after the event. When asked about our printed materials, I know to refer people to Solopress! printed these 400gsm Luxury Matt Laminated Business Cards for BrandPhoto

Solopress BrandPhoto matt lamination business cards printing front

Solopress BrandPhoto matt lamination business card printing back Solopress BrandPhoto matt lamination business card printing back Solopress BrandPhoto matt lamination business card printing back


  1. This is an amazing product and exactly what i’m looking ofr in a business card. BCs are always the ultimate first impression and nothing grabs you more than 3d ! Excellent idea !

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