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ORB compliment slips were printed by Solopress

Green business. Ethical business. Sustainable business. ORB managing director Jill Poet tells us more about doing responsible business printing with Solopress…

The Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) is an organisation – based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex – for small businesses and, as the name suggests, we have a very specific agenda. Our mission is to create positive change for business and society by showing companies how ethical and responsible business can be the most profitable and sustainable.

ORB recently won the Southend District Award for Environmental Awareness – but I must stress that being a responsible business isn’t just about the environment! (And ORB is also a national organisation.)

ORB Responsible Business flyer printing by SolopressWe define a responsible business as one that operates efficiently and ethically; meets and exceeds legislation; and always considers its impact on people (the workforce, the community and society at large) and the environment.

ORB has a basic membership offer which provides a range of benefits including 24/7 legal advice line, use of the Responsible Business Member logo, and an entry in the unique online Responsible Business Directory. So becoming a member and showing your ethical and responsible credentials really does become part of your marketing.

But what is a Responsible Business?

Being a responsible business starts in the workplace. Engaged, valued, trained and motivated staff are happy, productive staff. If you commit to reducing your environmental impact you are committing to saving yourself money!

Building good relationships with customers and suppliers and having the right systems in place to ensure you provide an excellent service should be a given for any business. Supporting and engaging with the local community can bring immense benefits to a company including increased staff motivation and increased reputation.

And we all want to deal with ethical and transparent companies, don’t we?

Using Solopress Printing

As an organisation, it is important for us to be “walking the talk” and using Solopress fits very nicely with our ethos. Solopress was founded by three guys who have been friends since their school days, so happy staff and a great working environment is very important to them. They also have strong beliefs about the environmental impacts of their business.ORB Business Consultant Flyers are printed by SolopressSolopress offers excellent environmentally friendly options at no extra charge such as recycled and responsibly sourced paper, and they only use eco inks (vegetable oil instead of mineral oil).

Using local suppliers is also very important to us so. Although Solopress offers an excellent web-based service to anywhere in the country, it’s only a mile or so away from our offices so certainly fits the “use local” criteria.

So, not only does using Solopress tick the credentials on the social and environmental side, but you also get excellent products, excellent service and excellent prices. What more could we ask for?ORB compliment slips were printed by Solopress


  1. I think it’s fantastic that Solopress offers sustainable options and at no extra charge, why not? We all have to work towards a sustainable future.

    • Thanks for your comment, Simon! Protecting the Earth while still giving people great products at a fair price is really important to us. There’s no reason why we should have to sacrifice the Earth for quality or affordability.

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