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Solopress printed these flyers and brochures for Sixth Story client Hedshed

Just like Solopress, creative designers Sixth Story are proud of the work they do for their clients. They even love Mondays! Sian Lenegan shares their story…

Sixth Story designer Sian Lenegan in the Solopress Spotlight printing blog

We’re Sixth Story (, a team of roll-yer-sleeves-up and get it done graphic designers based in Birmingham. We know that when you put a stimulating, tactile experience into the hands of your audience, your brand gets noticed. Our creative graphic designers work hard to create a consistent image for our clients across all print and marketing collateral. Our reputation is at stake so we have to ensure high quality presentation for all jobs big and small, whether that’s business stationery, brochure design, flyers or pop-ups.

Authentic Creativity

What’s most important to us is that we believe brands are special and that’s why everything we do, we start by hand. That’s right we start every project with a pencil and blank sheet of paper! There’s something special about touching what you’re creating and it makes everything we do truly authentic. Because we lovingly hand-craft all our work, and presentation is nine tenths of the sale, the finishing is super-super important to us. To our clients, budget and timescales are important. Once we discovered Solopress, we never looked back. It’s easy to do business with them and they tick all the boxes!

Above and Beyond

In this day and age, digital media and websites may be the backbone of your marketing but stellar print work can back it up! Solopress understand all of this and they get us, that’s why we love working with them. They’re the first team of printers we have worked with that proactively help us sort it out when, on the rare occasion, problems arise. Solopress have a fantastic process going on inside their fabulous walls and have always saved the day when it comes to really tight deadlines. You know what it’s like when you’re waiting for sign off and the delivery date is looming! The team are always helpful with a can-do approach. Clients come first, Solopress get that, which makes us look really good!

Hedshed 350gsm silk flyer printing in Solopress Spotlight

We love Solopress… and Mondays!

Mondays are fun days in our creative agency. This is the day when we come together to build ideas. Why not join us? Thank you Solopress, you’ve helped us grow our agency over the past year and 2012 is setting itself up to be another stellar year for our busy studio in Birmingham’s creative quarter. Knowing we can rely on Solopress for getting print jobs out the door is one thing off our shoulders so we can get on doing what we do – being creative!

“Here’s some of the work Solopress have done for us…. Great hey!“

Sian Lenegan, Sixth Story

Business cards, brochures and leaflets printed and designed for recruitment agency printed these 130gsm Gloss Brochures, 350gsm Silk Flyers and 380mic Pulp Flyers for Sixth Story and Hedshed hair & beauty salon

Solopress printed these flyers and brochures for Sixth Story client Hedshed

Solopress printed these 350gsm Silk A5/A6 Flyers for Sixth Story and Burnt Tree vehicle rental

Solopress printed these A5 and A7 silk flyers for Sixth Story and Burnt Tree vehicle rental