Solopress Spotlight : BossCrowns

Cover of Wayne G Saunders full colour brochure printed by Solopress

Filmmaker Wayne G Saunders has received an award from the Mayor of London for improving the quality of life for Londoners. But it’s the quality and speed of our printing at that saved the day during his recent trip to Africa…

Award-winning filmmaker Wayne G Saunders at BossCrowns Productions ( is a writer, director and producer who has made many innovative and pioneering short films and TV documentaries. Some of these films have focused on the lifestyles of young people living in Britain, and around the globe, and the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Wayne has proven that you can bring new groundbreaking techniques into filmmaking and has been recognised for his achievements in film. According to the British Film Institute (bfi) book, Teaching Black Cinema, Wayne has “developed an innovative editing style in which layers of images and sounds flow and overlap in a dream like manner”.


Girls & Knives and Youth & Guns, Wayne’s hard-hitting TV documentaries, reached out to over 5 million viewers on ITV. He has also mentored over 4000 young people, and has inspired many to follow their dreams and be achievers. With such a busy schedule, it’s little wonder that Wayne and BossCrowns choose Solopress, the 24-hour turnaround print and design specialists, to take care of their printing.

“I first used because I only had 48 hours to catch a plane to Africa. I needed some brochures printed up for the African Movie Academy Awards,” reveals Wayne G Saunders. “I found Solopress on the Internet and they had good reviews of turning around work within 24 hours. I had my brochures delivered to my doorstep and they looked really good!” printed this 130gsm Gloss A6 Brochure for Wayne G Saunders / BossCrowns

Cover of Wayne G Saunders full colour brochure printed by Solopress

Solopress brochure printing for BossCrowns Nothing Less movie

Solopress print the brochures for award winning TV documentary maker Wayne G Saunders

Solopress brochure printing for BossCrowns tracksuit and DVD product range

Sharp, Fresh and Innovative How did you design your brochure?

  • Wayne G Saunders: We used Adobe Photoshop CS2. I needed a pocket size 8 page brochure that I could travel around with to the different film festivals and awards ceremonies that would explain what BossCrowns Productions was all about. Who is your brochure aimed at?

  • Wayne: Film, TV executives and other participating creatives in the industry. Where did you distribute your brochure?

  • Wayne: African Movie Academy Awards, Cannes International Film Festival, Antigua Film Festival, London film events and at meetings with producers in Holland, Jamaica and Nigeria. Have you considered ordering any of our other products – leaflets, posters or stickers, for example?

  • Wayne: I plan to do another brochure and some posters. How do you see 2012 shaping up for your company?

  • Wayne: Business has been good (filming and editing) and we look forward to the rest of 2012 because we plan to run a series of Film & TV workshops not just in London but around the globe.

“We will be using again.”

Wayne G Saunders, award winning filmmaker