Customer Stories: Teach A Brand To Fish

Customer Stories - Teach A Brand To Fish

Teach A Brand To Fish are specialist marketing consultants and Solopress customers here’s a little more about them and their most recent order.

The London based company was founded by Shannon Eastman, daughter of a failed businessman who struggled with the workings of business development. These failings inspired Shannon to invest her professional career studying businesses in order to resolve how best to enable their efforts. It is Teach A Brand To Fish’s goal to to produce a step by step programme to move businesses from “really smart but stuck” to “really smart and in momentum”.

Customer Stories - Teach A Brand To Fish

This momentum is born from foundational pillars, buyer psychology and effective vehicles of communication. Whilst their focus is strongly on business development (PR, marketing and sales) and the support for deliberate growth, these tools are rendered useless unless the business has a solid foundation. No amount of extraordinary work in this space is going to be effective without drive, good value and strong management skills.

Customer Stories - Teach A Brand To Fish

The company study and apply laws to facilitate long-term sustainable profit; easily find the stream of new customers, advance leadership skills and align your employees, this is done whilst creating happy customers. Clients can expect see results inside month one and they can choose to do it with or without additional help by month three because everything put in place by Teach A Brand To Fish sits inside a system.

Customer Stories - Teach A Brand To Fish

Having used Solopress before, Shannon got in touch upon the receipt of a very urgent order needed for a speaking event.

“After an unforseen break between the two business owners. We lost some artwork files. We needed to recreate those artwork files so we could get a print run in time for a significant speaking event in 4 working days. We got everything redesigned, proofed, printed, delivered to our door in 3 working days.

I am a huge fan of awesome customer service. It’s appreciated in general but when you are a small business owner, I would argue it’s 100 fold more important. What it takes to be a business owner is a whole lot of everything and when you can work alongside someone who comes with no stress it is brilliant. When you can work with someone who actually reduces your stress – well – that is even better!“

Customer Stories - Teach A Brand To Fish

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