What song lyric would you print on your business card?

Lionel Richie song lyric business card in the Solopress Funny Friday blog

With the brilliant Kiss FM breakfast show recently running a fun survey to ask people what song lyric they would have printed on their business card, Solopress thought we’d mock this one up for this week’s extra special Funny Friday.

“Hello! Is It Me You’re Looking For…”

Lionel Richie song lyric business card in the Solopress Funny Friday blog

Solopress sales account manager Gary Toomey

Many thanks to our sales account manager Gary Toomey (pictured on the right) for designing this business card – paying homage to the great American singer-songwriter Lionel Richie and his former Motown band, The Commodores. See if you can spot Gary’s deliberate mistakes…? And if you can’t see them, you definitely need to read our blog on How to avoid Spelling Mistakes in your Printing!

Love is in the Air

According to the Kiss FM breakfast crew, it seems that some mischievous movers and shakers out there in club land have been printing up flirty business cards, featuring popular song lyrics, to hand over to people they fancy. The most popular of these – ‘taking care of business’ – cards apparently use Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit Call Me Maybe as their inspiration.

“Hey, I Just Met You – And This Is Crazy. But Here’s My Number, So Call Me Maybe!”

Kiss FM radio song lyric business cards in the Solopress Funny Friday blog

Image source: Kiss FM’s Facebook page

During the show itself, Kiss FM co-presenter Charlie revealed her business card would say “I Can’t Get No Sleep” (Faithless). While her cheeky colleagues Rickie and Melvin went for “Everyday I’m Shuffling” (LMFAO) and “Call My Name” (Cheryl Cole).

Here’s a selection of the best song lyric ideas from the listeners and fans over at the Kiss FM page on Facebook:

“I’m Sexy And I Know It” (LMFAO) – suggested by Ashley in Ely

“We’re Half Way There” (Bon Jovi) – suggested by Becca in Ruislip

“I Like Big Butts And I Can Not Lie” (Sir Mix-a-Lot) – suggested by Bradley in Newcastle

“Give Me Everything Tonight” (Pitbull) – suggested by Chrissy in Wallington

“No Scrubs” (TLC) – suggested by Erin in Yate

“Show Me Love” (Robin S) – suggested by Jason in Eltham

“I’m Ain’t Mr. Right, I’m Mr. Right Now” (Jennifer Lopez) – suggested by Shea in London

Can YOU think of a better song lyric to use on your business card? Please share your suggestions with us using the comment boxes below…

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  1. ‘Take me out tonight
    Where there’s music and there’s people
    And they’re young and alive… ‘

    And if they spot who that’s by, they’ve got taste and they’re worth spending time with.

  2. My friend is a priest so he could have ‘Living on a Prayer’. but I would have ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ and give it to my grumpy customers.

  3. I would like “If you need me, call me” (Ain’t No Mountain High Enough). It goes with my “no pressure” sales approach. For customers that leave everything until last minute, I would use “Don’t call me baby”. It was very difficult to answer that question.happy Christmas.

  4. I think, to get out of any possible trouble like being accused of breaking the photocopier (again), it’d be handy to have a card inscribed with “It Wasn’t Me” (by Shaggy).

  5. Id have ‘Come up and see me (make me smile)’ by steve harley and cockney rebel. Cute and relevant, plus a great song lol

  6. Oh, Mine would definitely have to be something to do with a band…… “I’m gonna rock n roll all night…..and party every day!”

  7. ‘It doesn’t matter where you come from…What matters is where you go’ from the song Peggy Sang the Blues by Frank Turner. This song is so inspirational and I defy anyone not to listen to it and instantly feel cheered up and ready to face the world. Hopefully the positivity would also flow through my business card 🙂

  8. “As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset I am in paradise”

    A perfect line for any Londoner, from just about the best pop song ever written

  9. How about ‘Call me, call me any, any time’ (Blondie), or ‘Say my name, say my name’ (Destiny’s Child) for a more immediate response…?

  10. Haha… love this idea!

    For me it would have to be Dolly Parton – ‘Working 9-5’

    (I’d hope it would mean I could leave on time rather than staying until 6.30pm most days!!)

  11. Oh and in response to this question sorry at the moment I am channeling the 80’s heavily so it is Pat Benetar ‘Love is a Battlefield’ lol

  12. What an amazing local company- you are doing such great things, loved the charity blog Rik! In Maldon so is lovely to see a local company doing so well. Good for you xx

  13. The “Call me maybe” lyrics are popular at the moment but I would have “All I want for Christmas is you” although probably only relevant at Christmas.


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