Business cards for personal trainers ­­– why you need them

Personal trainer business cards

One of the first things on your to do list when you go freelance in the fitness industry should be to source your own set of unique personal trainer business cards.

They’re compact, handy and let your prospects keep hold of a piece of your brand until they’re ready to book a session with you.

Plus, they’re an affordable way to advertise, especially when you’re first starting out. Here’s a few tips on designing and using business cards effectively.

The rise of the self-employed trainer

For many, freelancing means freedom. Across a great range of industries, there’s a trend for individuals to go it alone and work for themselves. Changing work patterns and lifestyle preferences have made self-employment more popular than ever.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people aged 16 to 24 that are self-employed, has nearly doubled since 2001. Becoming a personal trainer has become a very attractive option for those with the right skills and qualifications.

Cosmopolitan also listed it as one of their top 8 self-employed jobs. While Insure 4 Sport, found fewer personal trainers feel stressed at work, compared to those in office-based roles.

In addition to the independence and flexibility that come with becoming a PT, you also get to make a positive difference to your clients’ health and happiness – and that’s got to feel good!

Marketing your personal trainer business

One frustration of going it alone can be when the admin side of things starts eating into your down time.

A set of fitness trainer business cards might not be able to help you with your accounts, but they can help you market your company on-the-go. By that, we mean acquiring new clients and growing your business during the hours you spend training.

Picture this scenario. You’re working with a client at the gym and spot a gym-goer struggling or using a potentially damaging technique. Excuse yourself from your trainee, who may be thankful for a break, and approach the person having difficulties.

At this point you can offer some free advice, essentially advertising the services you offer. Then, hand over one of your PT business cards to perhaps offer a free session to put them on the right track.

If you’re training a client in their own home, leave a handful of cards with them to share with friends and family. Maybe introduce a referral scheme, so your client gets a free session each time they introduce someone new.

These opportunities to secure new clients are all around you, and business cards can help you capitalise on them.

Personal trainer business card ideas

When it comes to personal trainer business cards design, these are some points you should consider.

  • Your details – be sure to include name, company name (if applicable), email, phone number and social tags.
  • Your services – list the areas where you specialise, eg. boxercise, resistance training, weight loss, muscle gain.
  • Your brand – include a logo or graphics, especially if you already have these on a website or other marketing material. Keep it clean and crisp in keeping with the fitmess industry and leave space for writing down appointment times.
  • Your audience – The best personal trainer business cards are ones that are aimed squarely at your audience, not yourself or your fellow PTs.

If you’re looking for that spark to inspire your personal trainer business cards design, our blog on how to design a business card will come in handy. But remember, you’ll be using your business cards for customer acquisition, not networking. Make them friendly and accessible to the people you want as clients.

Things to consider with personal trainer business cards

1. Paper type

There are a number of paper stock options to choose from. For personal trainers, business cards that have a sharp look that reflects health and clean living work best. Try
silk paper for a slightly glossy, yet refined finish.

2. Size­

85 x 55 mm is the standard size for businesses cards in the UK, but there are many innovative sizes and shapes. We explain the different options you can use to help your company stand out in our business card size guide.

3. Finish

Laminated finishes make your card durable, but an uncoated card means you or your recipients can write on it. Remember the struggling gym-goer you helped out? If you jot down a free appointment time on the card you hand over, it could win you a new client.

4. Consistency

If you have a website, social accounts and other branded marketing materials, like flyers and leaflets, make sure your business cards are consistent in terms of wording, colour and design. People will start associating that branding with your personal training services, raising awareness.

5. Design

Your design should be accessible and not overwhelming. Keep your text brief and graphics unfussy. Remember to leave some free space on one side if you want to write down appointment times.

6. Quantity

You’re using these cards to prospect for new business, rather than to network among peers, so you may need quite a few. An initial order of 250 is about average for personal training business cards. That way, you can keep a handful with you when you’re at work.

7. Multi-version

If you offer several types of training, targeted at different clients, why not have more than one version of your personal trainer business card design? Take advantage of multi-version business cards to create separate sets for those individual services and audiences.

8. Distribution

The personal touch is perfect when you’re essentially selling yourself. Sport England support community events and pilot projects all over the country, so volunteering at one of them could be a great opportunity meet local people and distribute your cards.

When you aren’t there in person, you can ask your gym to keep a pile of your cards on the counter. Alternatively, encourage and incentivise existing clients to give them out to friends.

If you’re starting out as a personal trainer, unique personal business cards can help you to get off the ground. Check out our design templates and business cards range today.


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