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Datsa Gaile, Editor-in-Chief at, reveals why our Luxury Matt Laminated Business Cards are just as inspirational as the stories in her online magazine!

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Did you know that business cards in Latvia are a different size to the ones printed here in the UK? Neither did Solopress… until Datsa Gaile placed her print order with us this month! Datsa is the founder Editor-in-Chief for online magazine For Any Woman, an exciting new start-up business that’s already starting to make a name for itself in the highly competitive world of women’s magazine publishing.

As its name implies, highlights the concerns and issues of being a woman in the 21st century. The website focuses on real women and real stories for women living in the UK and different parts of the world. The idea of this project is to keep life as real as possible and on a positive note. Datsa and her team are writing provocative yet positive stories about real women’s beauty, health and wellness, career and kids, family and lifestyle, fashion and many other useful subjects. And of course, in this saucy age of the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, there’s more than a spicy sprinkling of erotic and sexy stories featured as well.

Career Woman

As marketing and promotion materials are such an important part of any business, Datsa knew that she needed to prepare a high standard quality product when it came to producing her own business cards.

“I had been using the printing services of Solopress before for my previous business and I knew straight away that this is a company I was going to use for my newly started business,” says Datsa. “Also, I wanted to choose Solopress because of their accurate print service, great deals and very fast delivery to my door step.”

Datsa asked her magazine’s own designer to create the business card design and send it to Solopress. However, as For Any Woman’s designer is based in Latvia, she didn’t have the right size for business cards that we all use here in the UK.

“Within 10 minutes the Solopress staff came back to me straight away and advised me that I had two options: change the size of the business cards or they could print the one I sent,” Datsa explains. “Because the cards will mainly be used in the UK I decided to change it for the one that the Solopress team recommended to me. I know they are professionals and it is worth taking their advice. The service was fast and I will definitely come back in the future again to print my leaflets and other promotion materials.”

Solopress printed these 400gsm Luxury Matt Laminated Business Cards for Datsa Gaile,

Datsa Gaile For Any Woman business cards

For Any Woman business cards

Datsa Gaile - Editor of

“Great and helpful service! I am very satisfied. Thank you very much for your great service and also for the great discounts you do!”
Datsa Gaile,


  1. Solo press is great, my wording was getting cut off at the sides, but they e-mailed me straight away to let me know and sorted in minutes, great service, fast!!


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