Cocoapod chocolatier business cards printed by Solopress

Cocoapod chocolatier business cards front

Solopress printed the silky smooth chocolatier business cards for Cocoapod – a confectionery company based in Orpington, Kent – making personalised chocolates that burst with colour, character and flavour…

Cocoapod co-founders Linda O’Brien and Philippa Chevalier are diehard chocoholics, that’s why they ensure their handmade chocolates are full of colour, texture, shape and fun – without forgoing the taste of great Belgian chocolate!

Whether these choccies are being bought as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other special occasions, Cocoapod’s personalised chocolates are a brilliant way to celebrate these memorable moments in style.

Here at Solopress, we particularly like the look of Cocoapod’s Chocolate Funny Faces DIY Kit (£19.90) – ideal for bringing out the cheeky and creative talents of family, friends and work colleagues at any party.

Cocoapod's Chocolate Funny Faces DIY Kit

Solopress printed these 400gsm Premium Silk Business Cards for Cocoapod

Cocoapod chocolatier business cards front

Cocoapod chocolatier business cards back

“Thanks for the business cards. We have bought them from Solopress before, so was a repeat order, and they were perfect as before.”
Linda O’Brien, co-founder of Cocoapod


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