Recycleopedia pulp business cards printed by Solopress

2614 pulp business cards printed by Solopress

Paul Bearman, founder of Recycleopedia, reveals his company’s commitment to helping everyone recycle everything and why he chooses the green printing services of Solopress…

I started working on Recycleopedia in my spare time couple of years ago – it’s a new online recycling search tool to help people sort and separate their waste easily while at home, at work or out and about.

Users simply type what they are looking for into the search box along with their location and results reveal the nearest recycling bank or advises which bin to use at home.

With my background as a graphic designer I have dealt with printers good and bad, and Solopress has always delivered an amazing service – the fastest turnaround I have found without compromising on quality, and no hidden costs when you get to the checkout like other online print services do.

Helping To Recycle Everything

Recycleopedia has the most detailed recycling search in the UK including over 30,000 recycling locations and 5,000 searchable items and uniquely, users can search and edit all the items and locations listed. If they’ve found new places or products to recycle they can upload them to the site, and after moderation the new information then gets immediately shared with all other users of the site, this creates an unbeatable database of information for everyone looking to recycle many different things.

Now Recycleopedia has progressed into my full-time job, it recently finally became time to meet potential clients and the general public alike – so some professional looking stationery and handouts were in order.

Being previously a graphic designer I set about creating my own artwork. With Recycleopedia I wanted to have a rougher, less finished feel for the business cards and promotional flyers to reflect the nature of the business, and the board they were printed on definitely had to be recycled.

I had them printed on Solopress’ recycled fibreboard. I used them for a design client before and knew the slightly rough, but still professional finish, was exactly what I needed. They turned out great and have gone down really well with customers and the public alike.

Solopress are great value for the quality of their products and I always recommend them to my customers, family and friends who need affordable, quality printed promotional items. I’ll definitely be back to order again soon!

Recycleopedia founder Paul Bearman

Solopress printed these 380mic Pulp Business Cards for Recycleopedia

Recycleopedia pulp business cards


  1. I support all forms of recycling, why not reuse our waste materials? With paper costs rising it makes sense to recycle paper and to reprint onto it again. For some designs the rough, less filtered look of the paper can really add to the overall product.


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