Solopress Printing Spotlight : Shrewsbury Design and Photography

Spot UV Business Card printing by Solopress

Kev Llewellyn, creative director at Shrewsbury Design and Photography, is so impressed by the quality of Solopress’ Spot UV Business Cards that he’s been recommending us at networking events…

Shrewsbury Design and Photography ( is a new and exciting design studio based in Shrewsbury. We bring together a collection of the best modern creatives with seasoned expertise in branding, web design and advertising. Our love for the arts gives our work a creative edge and drive for unique solutions to creative problems. As well as our business clients, we also develop work to promote and illustrate agencies with artistic endeavours.

We’ve had the pleasure to work with clients that range from major online retailers to local artists, in branding and web design projects. We are well versed in the visual arts and are able to collaborate with clients on projects that could require anything from graphic communications such as logos and advertising to original artistic works to be produced.

A Designer Business

Shrewsbury Design and Photography are very passionate about what we do and we get the same sense of passion to produce the best work possible from Solopress. It’s our job to be extremely picky about everything, it’s what makes the difference between a good design and a breath taking piece of work. Printing is obviously a big part of this for us and so we spent a lot of time trying to find the best printer we could. Since we started using Solopress we have had no trouble recommending them to our clients and using their solid service for all of our print projects. As with most projects, time is always important and Solopress’ quick turn around is the icing on the cake for us.

Solopress printed these Spot UV Business Cards for Shrewsbury Design and Photography

Solopress printed these Spot UV Business Cards for Shrewsbury Design and Photography

Spot UV Business Card printing by Solopress


  1. Hi, I start my bussines last year as a childminder and was wondering if (drop of the flyers) could help me to let know potentional customers that im here 🙂 I do have my website but extra add will not harm 🙂 So i might print some flyers with you guys!

  2. Great blog with some really interesting articles. I’ll have to tell my wife about you so she can consider you for future business cards etc for her business.

  3. I am going to seriously consider new business cards this year and will bookmark your site for the meeting. It is good to see such a wide range of options in one place which makes life a lot easier.

  4. I am looking to start my own business later this year and will now seriously consider using you for my printed material. Will be ordering a sample pack.

  5. I’ve been looking for HQ business cards so I can get some printed for myself, glad to see these come so highly recommended, will go and have a good nose 🙂

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