10 job titles to avoid on your business card

10 Job Titles to Avoid on Your Business Card

With your business card saying everything about you, Solopress reveal the job titles you should avoid using at all costs…

10 Job Titles to Avoid on Your Business Card

Once upon a time, we had computer programmers. Now there are software architects and technical evangelists creating apps. Can we just keep this a job title for real architects who design actual buildings please.

See above.

Should be a given. Why would somebody want to hire a person or company who wasn’t an expert in their field.

If you really do feel like a freak at work, perhaps you should apply for the latest job vacancy at Circus of Horrors. They’re looking for a Wolf Boy or Girl with a minimum of 60,000 hairs growing on their face.

Talking of job ads, we’ve just seen an advert from a Cape Town bank looking for a ‘Data Capturing Guru’ with a passion for typing. What next… Environmental Guru (cleaner)? Wet Leisure Guru (lifeguard)? Revenue Protection Guru (ticket inspector)?

Imagination Officer
This one is straight out of the corridors of Disney Pixar or Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). And you’d probably get away with it there. If you add Chief at the beginning.

Sounds like a character from World of Warcraft but is, in fact, the Hebrew word for a trusted expert. Wonder if 1970s TV detective Kojak had Shaven Maven written on his business card?

Somebody who has been watching too much Goemon lately.

Unless you’ve got the moves like Jagger, leave this job title at the stage door.

Aren’t you too old to still be reading Harry Potter.


  1. I went to join the gym the other day and the sales guy’s email gave his job title as “sales guru”. It made me want to punch my computer screen when I saw it!

  2. This really me giggle do people actually put things like this on business cards! Hmm it’s got me wondering what words I could use to make sales assistant more glamorous!

  3. A guy gave me a card once that simply said Entrepreneur, no explanation just the word then the name and contact number not even an email address, weird!

  4. Totally true. Who wants to do business with someone who is so self-deluded as to style themselves an evangelist, or worse, a “guru”.

  5. Ha ha anyone that has to be told not to put freak, ninja or rockstar on their business cards doesn’t deserve to own a business!

  6. This made me laugh, would people really think titles like “Ninja” or “Freak” make them sound professional, or is it just bad humour? Either which way, no no no! 🙂


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