Axe business cards break a sweat


Male staff at Axe are dishing out sweat scented business cards to women.

It’s been said that despite our civilised towns and cultures, people are animals at heart – subconsciously signalling to one another and acting on instinct. Yet, Axe (known as Lynx in the UK), have taken this concept to the extreme by attracting women with their sweat infused business cards.


Ladies, you’re encouraged to take a whiff of the man you just met by sniffing the small circle on the business card worded as, “Infused with the essence of…”

The brains behind the business cards were Toronto advertising agency Union. Sub Nijjar, partner and president of the ad company, said their bizarre concept was founded around how male goats pheromones cause female goats to, quite literally, ‘ovulate on the spot’.

What They Did

Their male staff had a workout on indoor bikes wearing sweatbands round their heads…


…The headbands were then sent to a laboratory…


…It is then distilled…


… And finally, added to the business cards via pipette…


It’s a bid to, As Nijjar puts it, “Embed into the cards themselves the very promise and playful nature of Axe when it comes to the mating game”.

In previous business campaigns, the deodorant company has lead us to believe that women drop everything at once when a gent goes by wearing their product, that towns and cities practically explode around them and angels drop from the skies.

In reality, men are most likely to hear, “Oh, you smell nice” as a breeze brushes between two people.

But will these work? Nijjar seems to think so,

“Knowing you have a card infused with your pheromones or knowing that you’ve received one is going to plant the seed of attraction in your mind.”


  1. Business cards are designed to make an impact, that’s why we only use Solopress for our cards for their quality.
    These Axe cards will certainly start a conversation, as long as they don’t go stale (my sweat smells like strawberries, by the way).

  2. These business cards are a bit of a gimmick, but I can see the potential for more dynamic business cards, great!


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